概要 Abstract
AntConc は,フリーのコンコーダンスソフトウェア.英語論文の執筆時に,英語表現を検索するために使う.
AntConc is a concordance software available in free. AntConc is used when writing English papers in order to search English expressions.

使い方 How to use

Download & Install

セットアップ Setup


You need to register papers to the database in text format. By exporting the settings to file, it will be automatically reload when launching the application.


In order to extract texts from PDFs:

length() used on @lines (did you mean "scalar(@lines)"?) at /usr/bin/code2html line 1360.
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bash -c 'for i in *.pdf; do pdftotext $i ${i/.pdf/.txt}; done'

操作 Operation


You can operate in an intuitive manner. Regular expression is useful.

外観 View

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