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Previous Research Videos


Operation Recognition in Hand by Contact Information
Direct Teaching to NAIST-Hand


Moment Compensation of Biped Walked Robot Using Waist-Twisting based on 'Namiashi' Walk
Perception of human manipulation for multifingered robot hand
Face Measurement System
Hand Pose Estimation System
Gesture Recognition of Interaction for Human-Symbiotic Robot
Research on Rescue Vehicles with AR-based Support


CPG-based Rhythmic Manipulation for a Multi-Fingered Hand from Human Observation
Face Measurement System
Vision based Recognition of Interacive Behavior for Human-Symbiotic Robot
Hand Pose Estimation
Remote Monitoring System for Guide Robot
Unoccupied Helicopter System
New Robot Introduce


Guide Robot - ASKA
Indoor Navigation Based on Ceiling Map (WARSON2)
Human Anticipatory Force Programming Based on Finger EMG and Grip/Load Force
An Optical 6-axis Force Sensor for Brain Function Analysis using fMRI
Unoccupied Helicopter System
Drive Assistant System for an Electrically-driven Wheelchair with a Scanning Laser Range Finder
Cooperation with a human and Omnidirectional mobile robot based on Omnidirectional Vision


Wheelchair Control Using Face and Gaze Measurment
Robot Navigation Using Light Images in the Ceiling
Real-time Detection and Tracking of Human being
Self-Localization Using Multpile Omnidirectional
Simulation of the Vision System in a Mobile Robot
Continuous Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous State Space Generation
Using Genetic Algorithms fot the Acquisition
Estimation of the State of Mind of a Human Using Face Measurement Method
Design of a Non-Contact Interface Using InfraRed Hand Pose Recognition
Hand Silhouette Estimation Using MultiView Images
Hand Silhouette Estimation Using MultiView Images
3-D Information Display with a Virtual Plan for Tele-Surgery
Gait Generation for a Quadruped Robot Using Rythm Generation


On-Line visual learning method for color image segmentation and object tracking
Real-Time Generation of Arbitrary View Point Using Stereo Vision
Obstacle Avoidance Using Stereo Vision